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“My garden has not been so beautiful in years.”

"I am so grateful for the care and attention to detail Garden Pruning Productions has given to my gardens. Having them care for the gardens has taken on a large task and they have done very well. My garden has not been so beautiful in years."

Dorothy R
Vancouver, WA
“See the energy flowing”

"We have a very large Lace leaf Maple tree that had never been pruned. Garden Pruning Productions was able to rescue the tree and was quite happy to share knowledge and tips. Now, we have a beautiful tree where you can actually see the energy flowing!"

Emal W
Portland, OR
“Finding the tree in a bush”

"My Lace leaf Maple had been neglected and I wasn't sure how to prune it. Garden Pruning Productions came and did their magic. The tree was so thick with old growth but, by the time it was finished, we found the tree inside the bush."

Chris H
Portland, OR
“Our Arborvitae were out of control.”

"The row of Arborvitae in the back yard had grown out of control. The tallest had got up to 28' tall and could no longer be reached for trimming. Garden Pruning Productions came in with a 16' Orchard ladder and made an even hedge of them all."

Levi S
Tualatin, OR
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